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Marketing and Promotion Consultancy
Even the best product or service is worth nothing if it is not marketed or promoted properly. However, no one is an expert in all aspects of business management. Increased competition, diversification of markets, and information technological advances have created more sophisticated customers who are hypersensitive to being "marketed to" and necessitates a marketing plan - a systematic implementation of appropriate, specific promotion activities.

Seminars, Receptions, Conferences, and Press Meetings
Organizing and managing of the above activities typically range from reservation of suitable facilities and negotiation of catering cost, to creation of a preferred mailing list, production and mailing of invitations, to follow-up and registration and listing of participants.

Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Reports, Books, and Supplements
Produced in accordance with your requirements of design and text appropriate for your target audience by a team of experienced proofreaders, creative designers, and efficient print shops equally devoted to delivering the best quality at a reasonable price.

Press Releases and Announcements
Regular editorial coverage is a cost-effective promotion tool - and it establishes a valuable contact with the Media.

We at marine-marketing.gr help you identify news opportunities, assist with the text, and distribute your messages to press representatives of the Greek and International Shipping Media.

Mailing Services and Databases
Our database containing Greek-based Owners, Operators, and Management companies, as well as marine service companies, the Press, and others could be edited or supplemented with contacts of your own in order to produce your final mailing list.

Websites and E-marketing
A website provides swift access to reliable and useful information, when designed, constructed and maintained properly. Sites with outdated news, or unfocused and extravagant presentation will be visited only once.

We help with your domain name reservation, planning, design, and construction of websites that communicates your key messages to target audiences and we take care of maintenance and updating.

E-marketing can be an effective tool for promotion and sales of certain products and services, it can however also be negatively perceived by more sophisticated customers who are hypersensitive to being "marketed to".

As consultants we have at times advised a client not to use e-mail marketing. The essence is to know the underlying perceptions that connect your service/product to your target group.